218 History of Wake Forest College
lected enough in good money to pay the expenses of settling the estate
and the physician's bill and all other claims.
After the War, the land not having been paid for, reverted to the
College. It was again sold for $1,000, on deferred payments. Soon
after the sale the houses on the place were burned, and though insured
the insurance money was lost since the insurance companies were
ruined by the great Chicago fire. On a compromise the Treasurer
accepted $500 in full payment. This he invested in Raleigh City bonds
and turned over to the Trustees in June, 1878, when with accruals it
had a value of $650. The Trustees ordered that it be placed in the
permanent endowment and there it remains to this day. In speaking of
the Warren Fund, bequeathed on the same terms as the Blount estate,
and designated for the education of ministers, Mr. Purefoy said that
the Trustees considered it proper to put it in the general endowment,
since there it would be used-to pay the tuition of ministers and thus
carry out the purpose of the donor.6
Nancy John H. Leary
for Jos. C. Skinner 1,263.00
Harriet and child Peter White 1,570.00
Joseph Joseph Maddry 700.00
Harry Samuel J. Johnson 100.00
Ann and two children Sarah Charlton 1,600.00
Thomas George Bradford 600.00
May 30 Mary Williams 400.00
January 1 Sold land to Jas. Floyd, P. E. White and John H. Hall $1,055.00
February 6 Rec'd of W. J. Leary hire of Harriet and Nancy from
Jan. 1 to May 1, 1860 24.00
The land was sold to Jas. Floyd; both he and his sureties failed by the War and I
had to take the land back. I then on January 2, 1871, resold it to Sam]. T. Bond for
one thousand dollars with payments first day of 72, then 1875, 1874, 1875-he
insured the property for our benefit. Before any payment was made on it the houses
on the lot were burned leaving the bare ground. The insurance company broke by
the great Chicago fire and I compromised the matter through Augustus Moore,
Attorney, and received ($500) Five Hundred Dollars which I invested in Raleigh
City bonds, amounting to $550.00 adding discount. Said bonds are today, January
18, 1876, in my safe with Dickson and Purefoy. January 1, 1878, these bonds
removed and deposited in the State N. B. in Raleigh.
6 Proceedings, pp. 201-02, Purefoy's account book, p. 512.
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