Bequests 219
The plan of the Trustees to have tombstones erected at the grave of
Mrs. Blount and her sister was not immediately carried out, probably
owing to the interruption of the War. But when Mr. Purefoy made his
final report on the estate in June, 1879, the Board made the somewhat
modified order that stones be "erected over the graves of brother and
sister Blount."7
The second recorded bequest was that of Mrs. Celia Wilder of
Hertford County, who in a will made December 23, 1844, and
probated in May, 1847, left the College six hundred dollars, the sale
price of two negro women, and the residue of her estate.8 The residue
was only a small amount; this with the six hundred dollars was
promptly paid to Dr. G. C. Moore, appointed by the Trustees as their
agent, and by him turned over to Rev. Wm. Hill Jordan, agent, early
in 1848. It was probably used to make payment on the Berry note.9
Another bequest came to the College from Rev. William Henry
Merritt, who died on July 3, 1850. Report of it was made to the
Trustees at their meeting on October 18, 1850. Under the
7 Proceedings, pp. 26, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 63, 96, 103, 120, 122, 123, 124, 125,
126, 127, 129, 133, 141, 201-02.
8 A copy of the will, made by W. D. Boone, attorney of Winton, is in the College
Library. Mrs. Wilder's property consisted mainly of a tract of land, 89 acres,
adjoining the lands of John Winborne, which she willed to Edward D. Lewis,
provided he should settle on it two negroes, Catoc and his wife Sally, and make it
their home as long as they lived. Two other negro women, Betty and Inez, were sold
to Lewis with provision that the purchase price, $600, be paid to the Trustees of
Wake Forest College. Mrs. Wilder had daughters and grandchildren, but left only
nominal sums to them. The last item of the will reads:
"It is my wish, will and desire that my worthy friend John Nowell, Sr., qualify to
this my last Will and Testament as Executor, and that he, the said John Nowell, Sr.,
sell all the rest and residue of my property of every kind and description not
disposed of or mentioned in this my last will and the money arising from said sale
with also the six hundred dollars to be paid my Edward D. Lewis shall by him, the
said John Nowell, Sr., be paid over to the trustees of Wake Forest College and by
them expended for the interest and improvement of said College as to them may
seem best."
9 Letter of William Hill Jordan to J. S. Purefoy, dated April 16, 1848, in
collection in College Library. "I receive but a little money-except the $600 and
upwards, which I received from Dr. Moore (the bequest of Sister Wilder) for which
I sent a check to Bro. White and which I suppose has been paid to Capt. Berry."
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