Bequests 221
with accruals amounted to $2,600,11 and the Blount fund were in-
vested in Confederate States bonds which lost all value with the fall
of the Confederacy. Though these funds were not given for general
endowment but for the education of ministers, this loss was sorely felt
in the days of Reconstruction and has not yet been wholly repaired.
Another bequest that came to the College was from the estate of
Mrs. Lucy Mims. Mention of this is made in the College catalogue of
1858-59, but no copy of the will has been found. Mrs. Mims was
probably a relative of Mr. Samuel Mims of Cumberland County, a
man of good estate and a Baptist, who was her executor. He was slow
in settling the estate and it was not until June 5, 1863, that the College
Treasurer, Mr. J. S. Purefoy, received the five hundred dollars, and
then it was in Confederate money. With it in accord with the direction
of the Trustees, he bought a Confederate bond of that amount, bearing
seven per cent interest. Thus this bequest also was lost.12
Another bequest came from Mr. William Warren of Person County,
in 1859-60. I have been able to learn little of him except that he was a
liberal giver to benevolent objects. In his will he left one thousand
dollars to Wake Forest College for the education of young ministers,
and also a thousand dollars to the Beulah Association for the support
of missionaries. Both bequests were promptly paid in, and that for
Wake Forest College was reported as yielding sixty dollars in the
Baptist State Convention minutes of 1860 and for several years
thereafter. In 1863 the parent fund was invested in the bonds of the
Cape Fear and Deep River Navigation Company, which were
salvaged from the wreck of the College finances during the Civil War,
and according to J. S. Purefoy "The Warren Fund is now blended with
the College endowment as the College was giving free tuition to
ministers, and this is carrying out the intention of the donor.13
11 Statement of L. R. Mills, Wake Forest Student, III, 273.
12 Mr. Purefoy's Account Book, p. 500.
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1861, etc.; Account Book of J. S. Purefoy, Treasurer, p. 500 f.; minutes of the
Beulah Association, 1860 and years following till 1863; when the minutes show
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