226 History of Wake Forest College
to patronize the institution of their choice they should feel a
peculiar obligation to their own; Wake Forest is filling a definite need
among North Carolina Baptists; being an institution of their own it is
causing them to appreciate the importance of education. Furthermore,
the Baptists of the State should meet the expectation of our people
that they will do their part toward enlightening the rising generation.
Money too is needed and will continue to be needed. Previous
contributions of money have enabled the College to reach a certain
stage of advancement; suitable buildings have been erected, among
them the College Building at one half the usual cost for such a
magnificent structure; but before all the money subscribed for its
erection was collected many of the subscribers left the State and they
will probably never pay their notes. This has left a deficit on payment
on the College Building. To that must be added the debt incurred for
other things found absolutely necessary in starting the institution. The
amount now needed is eight or ten thousand dollars.
The work is not personal; the cause is the cause of God. With a
little timely effort the College may be put on a firm foundation, free
from pecuniary embarrassment, while debt is "a most serious
The College needs students and offers them the best of accommo-
dations; its location is healthy; it is free from the temptations to
extravagance and vice that are found in institutions in or near cities;
the professors are worthy of all confidence; the institution has been
grossly slandered; a sufficient refutation of all slanders is the
character of the Trustees; surely such men would not tolerate anything
harmful or immoral. Let the friends of the Institution rally to its
Such was the appeal Wait was making to the Baptist of the State.
Though relatively numerous, being at that time second in number only
to the Methodists, the Baptists of North Carolina in 1839 had only
one-twelfth of their numbers in 1935. Fairly complete figures of all
the Baptists of the State are given in the Minutes of the Baptist State
Convention for 1843 show their total
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