Contributions-Wait Agent 231
Daniel White, of Spring Hill, now in Scotland County, who died in
Pender County where he was holding a meeting, and had been buried
before his wife received intelligence of his death by the weekly mail.6
Wait himself on his three-year agency had carried his wife and child
with him; now he was purposing to go alone but he well understood
the privation it would cause him,7 and his family.
As soon as he could possibly make arrangements he left home and
made what haste he could. His first labors were in the southeastern
part of the State. Writing from New Hanover County, on April 8,
1839, he tells something of his plan and the difficulties of his work.
Getting into the work he found that it was so great that he could
accomplish only a small part of what he had hoped. He was trying to
be thorough and work the ground as he went; it required considerable
time and labor to visit friends and patrons in only one county; several
months would be required to do the expected work in the counties
east of Raleigh; it was his purpose during the spring to visit the
Chowan and Neuse Association and work in the summer to the west
of Raleigh. Finding it a hopeless task to see all in person, he was
asking the brethren and the Board of Trustees to do all possible to
help in making collections for the College. He was also urging all
who had unpaid subscriptions to send them in, and asking any who
would to contribute to the College which was a common interest.8 He
was at a meeting of the Chowan Association which was held with the
Potecasi Church May 16-19, and with the permission of the Asso-
ciation laid before that body the object of his visit and was given an
opportunity to receive subscriptions, and on the Sabbath was one of
the three preachers who "addressed a large and serious
congregation.”9 His work in the Neuse Association was in visit-
6 Livingston Johnson, Christian Statesmanship, 16 f.
7 See Wait's letter in Biblical Recorder quoted above. See also letter of William
Hill Jordan, Ibid., April 3, 1847, as he was starting on his agency, in which he
speaks of "the sacrifice of resigning the endearments of home, of withdrawing from
a large family, and of encountering turmoil and privations."
8 Biblical Recorder, April 20, 1839.
9 Minutes of Chowan Association for 1839.
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