232 History of Wake Forest College
ing churches and individuals, as the meeting of the Association did
not take place until October.
After his trip through the eastern section Wait returned to Wake
Forest for the Commencement, and was at the meetings of the
Trustees which began on June 17, 1839. He had brought $1,800 as
the result of his labors which did not go very far towards paying the
debt. Several of the Trustees had provided for postponement of
payment of the debt at the bank, $4,000, but the first installment on
it was due and was ordered paid. Other debts were pressing, an
indeterminate amount, but the Trustees were no longer satisfied to
go on uncertainties. They appointed one committee to audit the
accounts and to report the exact nature and amounts of the debts;
another committee to suggest means for paying them; another
committee to make an inventory of the college property. The pay of
the faculty was in arrears, a condition which was found at almost
every Commencement during the remainder of the century; the
treasurer was instructed to pay the "Faculty what they may need,"
and the remainder to the Executive Committee to be applied to the
debt at the bank. Captain John Berry was thanked for his "kindness
to the Board," probably because he had consented to take a note
signed by the Trustees for the amount due him, some $10,000.
Meredith was requested to remind those who had made pledges of
any installments that were falling due and to urge prompt payment.
It was at this meeting that action was taken looking to a permanent
endowment. The suggestion seems to have come from Professor J. B.
White and Stephen Morse, both alumni of Brown University, and they
were appointed agents to solicit funds for a professorship in Wake
Forest College. Nothing seems to have come of it.
It was Wait's plan soon after Commencement to travel through the
counties west of Raleigh, but, as is told in his letter dated August 23,
1839,10 he was led by circumstances beyond his control to confine his
operations to Wake and the adjoining counties. He became engaged in
a series of protracted meetings, first, at
10 Biblical Recorder, September 7,
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