Contributions-Wait Agent 233
Corinth and Brassfields in lower Granville County, and later at
Friendship in Wake County. "In this delightful work," he spent
fourteen days at the first two churches where there were 57 pro-
fessions, and a shorter period at the last church where there were 21
professions. However, he did not forget his agency; even during the
revival he was gaining supporters for the object of the Convention. He
was now awake to the fact that the time before the Convention
meeting was short and that what was done must be done quickly, and
he was wishing through this letter to bring home to his readers "the
immense importance" of the objects of his agency. He wished them to
assist him in making collections on subscriptions due and to send
them by their delegates to the meeting at Grassy Creek in November.
The Trustees were especially urged to assist in this work.
In the letter just mentioned Wait makes it evident that he had
succeeded in one of his undertakings, which was to find twenty who
would subscribe $100 each payable in five equal annual installments;
several had already paid the whole amount to meet the pressing needs
of the College; he was urging others to join in similar subscriptions.
It is not probable that Wait was able to accomplish much more
before the meeting of the Convention at Grassy Creek in Granville
County on November 2, 1839. He attended the meeting of the
Trustees there and was asked to continue his agency until the end of
the year. He also made a report to the Convention which was ordered
published, and being delayed is found in the minutes of the
Convention of 1840, having previously been published in the Biblical
Recorder of April 25, 1840. It was because of indisposition, said,
Wait, that he had not been able to get it ready before. His agency for
the College had hindered him from doing as much as he could
otherwise have done for the Convention proper, but he had succeeded
in removing prejudice and believed that all that was necessary to
effect this was to give information. Since the meeting at Grassy Creek
he had been much engaged and was doing nothing on the Convention
agency, his main interest being the College to which he devoted the
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