Contributions-Wait Agent 239
At the meeting of the Board in June, 1843, Wait was again
appointed agent with a salary of $500 and the privileges he was then
enjoying. The purpose of his agency was to secure the subscriptions
for the payment of the $9,000 due on the Berry note; subscriptions
were payable on condition that $9,000 be subscribed within two years
from October 15, 1842. There was no time to lose, and Wait pursued
his course with much vigor. Probably, however, he was in feeble
health in the summer of 1843, and was not able to take the field for
some months. The first record we have of activity is found in the
minutes of the session of the Baptist State Convention held at Boiling
Springs Camp Grounds in Henderson County, October 13-17, 1843,
of which he also gives an account in a letter written January 23,
1844.15 In that meagerly attended Convention Wake Forest sent four
of the twenty-two members; these were S. Wait, J. B. White, W. T.
Brooks, and M. T. Yates. Wait, as Second Vice-President, presided at
the meetings; on Sunday he preached the missionary sermon from the
text, "Thy kingdom, come," after which he joined with Rev. Dr.
Babcock, Corresponding Secretary of the American and Foreign Bible
Society, in administering the Lord's Supper; and he closed the session
by prayer.
At this meeting the Convention received a communication from the
Baptist State Convention of South Carolina, proposing cooperation of
the denomination in the two States in the support of Wake Forest
College and of Furman Theological Institution, which at that time was
located three miles west of Winnsboro, Fairfield District, South
Carolina.16 Lingering a while in this section Wait
15 Biblical Recorder, February 10, 1844.
16 The North Carolina Convention had at the meeting in 1842, noticed the
friendliness of their South Carolina brethren to the College, and a committee had
reported: "That having learned that our delegation to the South Carolina Baptists
State Convention, which convened at Society Hill, proposed certain arrangements
designed for the promotion of the best interests of Wake Forest College, and the
Furman Theological Institution; and having seen from their minutes that the
brethren in South Carolina acceded promptly to the proposition made, Resolved,
unanimously, That this body cordially approve of the arrangement, and hereby
assure their brethren in South Carolina, that it will afford them much pleasure to
cooperate with them in this great and good design."
The minutes of the Convention of 1843 reads as follows: "On reception of a
friendly epistle from the B. S. Convention of South Carolina, containing
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