242 History of Wake Forest College
In this campaign Wait is first heard of at the Beulah Association
which met the middle of August at Madison, Rockingham County.
After addresses were made by him and J. L. Prichard, then pastor at
Danville, Virginia, "a liberal subscription was made to pay the debts
of the
Rev. A. J. Battle said that the subscription of "this
young and benevolent Association" amounted to several hundred
Later being providentially prevented by sickness Elder McNabb
had to call off some of his appointments in the bounds of the Goshen
Association, and he made public appeal to "those brethren who take
an interest in placing the College on a permanent basis to make an
effort to raise something by subscription in their respective
neighborhoods," and he said that he knew George Fennell and Lewis
F. Williams (perhaps of Kenansville) could do all that he had failed to
do "if they would only go about it in perfect good earnest." He also
had to call off the most of his appointment in the Cape Fear
After the meeting of the Beulah Association, Wait
continued his labors there for six weeks, and joining with Rev. J. J.
James, then pastor of the Milton Church, he made a trip to the western
counties, preaching and attending protracted meetings. On the third
Sunday in September he joined with James in a largely attended
baptismal service at the Milton Church, followed by a communion
service. His health had improved and he had succeeded well with his
agency for the
There is no definite statement, so far as I have been able to find,
whether or not the total amount of the subscription asked for in the
$9,000 to pay the Berry note. Of the several agents appointed in June,
1844, to secure the more than six thousand dollars the subscriptions
necessary to pay the Berry debt, only Wait and McNabb seem to have
done anything of consequence; at least no report of the work of any of
the others has been recorded. It is probable, almost certain, that the
whole $9,000 was not subscribed and that
by N. J. Palmer in Biblical Recorder of August 31, 1844. In the same
number is Rev. A. J. Battle's statement.
Biblical Recorder, September 7, 1844.
Letter of N. J. Palmer in the Biblical Recorder, October 12, 1844.
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