18 History of Wake Forest College
In particular with regard to North Carolina, the Separates held
meetings and gathered churches in every part of it, in the eastern
section at Lockwood's Folly and on New River and on the Trent and
Southwest and at Cashie, in Bertie, as well as in the central and
western sections. They went everywhere preaching the Gospel, even
in those places where the Particular Baptists were strongest.
It was the coalition of the three types of Baptists just mentioned that
produced the present type of North Carolina Baptists. In this present
type may be found certain characteristics of each of the three
constituent types.
I do not think it necessary to discuss here the steps that led to this
union, deeming it sufficient for our purpose to indicate the
contribution made by each of the constituent groups, the General
Baptists, the Particular Baptists, and the Separate Baptists, to the
general character of North Carolina Baptists of today.
The General Bapists, whose tenets were still cherished in the region
now covered by the Chowan and West Chowan Associations long
after their churches were absorbed by the Particular Baptists,
contributed that liberality and breadth of view, that charity towards
Christians of other names, that self-respect and respectability, that
receptivity to new ideas, which are characteristic of their descendants
even to this day.
It was the peculiar contribution of the Particular Baptists who about
the time of our Revolution began to call themselves Regular Baptists,
to insist upon a close church organization and a strict discipline, and
regular periods for celebrating the Lord's Supper. They took care that
only the redeemed of the Lord should be in their churches, and that all
should be bound in a warm Christian brotherhood. In the early days
they imposed a rigid Calvinism and taught the Baptists such theology
as they have.
The contributions of the Separate Baptists were two. In the first
place they insisted upon personal consecration and submission to the
guidance of the Holy Spirit. Following Whitefield
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