Agency of Thompson, McNabb, and Jordan 253
Among the friends of the College none showed more interest or
labored more steadily to free it from debt than Rev. Elias Dodson. In
this period he was a constant contributor to the Biblical Recorder, and
in almost every article he made an appeal for the College. Its debt
must be paid; it must be paid this year; it can easily be done if every
one will do his part; there are after proper eliminations 10,000
Baptists in North Carolina who can and should make regular
contributions for this purpose until the debt is paid, young men who
before they were converted spent much money for ardent spirits, now
might easily contribute to things worth while. Doubtless he made such
exhortations personally on his tireless itineraries through the State as
agent of the Beulah Association, and afterwards as agent of the
Foreign Mission Board. One of his characteristic paragraphs is as
I hope that every Baptist in North Carolina will do something for
Wake Forest College in the year 1845. If they will do their duty it will
be extricated from debt before Christmas. A large tree cut down may
weigh 3,000 pounds, and the weight thrown upon a few may crush
them. If it is split in 500 or 600 pieces and divided among as many
persons, no one is injured and the wood is removed. Let us all make a
practical application of this illustration during the present year.
Interest is a great moth and will accumulate rapidly. By the prompt
payment of the principal the present year the interest of the same may
be stopped forever. Much depends upon acting together and acting at
the same time. I hope Bro. Wait will come into the bounds of the
Beulah Association as soon as possible. I hope all the subscribers will
pay as soon as they can. Let us kill this moth as soon as possible. If
you all say that it shall die this year, it cannot
A second paragraph, from a letter of a year later, is as follows:
Wake Forest College. This institution is on the increase as to
number of students, but its debts should be paid and it should be
liberally endowed. Every Baptist in North Carolina who can con-
tribute a cent the present year should do it. United effort is necessary
to extricate this college. Of the 31,000 Baptist in North Carolina, we
will suppose that 10,000 are servants [slaves] who can pay nothing.
Of the remaining 20,000 we's suppose 20 will contribute
Biblical Recorder, May 3,
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