258 History of Wake Forest College
part of the State, he now made a western tour, extending his travels as
far as Haywood County where he attended the Western Baptist
Convention in August, 1847. He did not expect to make large
collections, and did not, getting subscriptions for about a thousand
dollars. He remarks that "our brethren in the mountains, though
decidedly friendly to our College and operations, have not much
money. They give cordially, what most of them can give, their good
wishes and their prayers." In this tour he visited the Beulah
Association, which met July 30 to August 2 with the church at
Hogan's Creek. This Association the year before had subscribed
liberally in response to the appeal of Thompson. Here Jordan met
Judge Thomas Settle, a delegate to the Association, who readily made
a subscription on the Hufham plan and expressed the most friendly
feelings to the College. At the Liberty Association he met with the
same kind and fraternal spirit, but records no
Jordan tells of how he was impressed with the beauty, the grandeur
and majesty of the mountains, when he, a solitary traveler, wound his
way along the curves and the road-cloven hills with the wild mountain
stream dashing along at his feet and the mountains rising to dizzy
heights on both sides; to him the scene was impressive and fearful and
suggestive of the power and presence of the great God.
At the Western Convention he found the members warm-hearted
and intent on doing the Lord's work; they were asking after Meredith
and with "almost filial reverence and affection" made inquiry about
Wait who, as we saw, was there four years before. On this tour he also
renewed acquaintance and enjoyed the hospitality of some of the good
men of other denominations, such as the pious James Pervis, "a
beloved brother and minister of the Methodist Church," then living in
Wilkes County, and Mr. Hall, pastor of the Presbyterian church at
In this letter, Jordan replies to a request made a few months before
in the Biblical Recorder by a writer over the pen name "Hert-
Ibid., October 9,
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