260 History of Wake Forest College
and weeks following. In these the College is praised as worthy of the
support of all Baptists, the last article being devoted entirely to urging
readers to send their sons to Wake Forest College and contribute of
their means for its maintenance and progress. He closes as follows:
If you have sons or wards to educate, send them to Wake Forest, and be not
afraid of sacrificing their talents by so doing, for of that there is little danger. But be
afraid of sacrificing your Institution and the vital interests of your denomination by
not sending them.
If Wake Forest is not such an institution as you would wish to patronize, by
giving it your united support you can, in a few years, make it an institution in every
way worthy of your patronage, and one which your sons will be proud to claim as
our Alma Mater.
How long Jordan remained in South Carolina is not told; he at-
tended the meeting of the South Carolina Baptist State Convention at
Beulah Church, Richland District, December 11,
In May,
1848, he was back in Bertie and attended the meeting of the Chowan
Association, which that year was held with the church at Ramoth
Gilead, Pasquotank County. He had a prominent part, preached on
Sunday, and though not a delegate, wrote the report on Wake Forest
College, calling attention to its prosperous state and increased number
of students, and also to the jeopardy of allowing the campaign to
relieve it from debt fail, and recommending the active assistance of
the members of the Association. This the delegates gave, which is the
more to their credit since it was at this meeting that was launched the
plan of establishing the Chowan Female Institute at
Of the work of Mr. G. W. Thompson as agent during this period
there is no record. At a meeting of the Board on October 15,1847, J.
S. Purefoy, J. J. James, and William Jones were appointed agents to
serve for three months, each with a salary of $50 a month, but James
and Jones did not serve while Purefoy served only a month and a half.
When the Trustees met in June, 1848, they heard the reports of
Biblical Recorder, Jan. 1, 1848.
Minutes of the Association for 1848; Baptist Guardian, quoted in the Biblical
Recorder, July 1, 1848.
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