Agency of Thompson, McNabb, and Jordan 263
fall session of the College, on December
On the same account
the agents were probably less able to do effective work.
At the annual meeting at the College in June, 1849, Purefoy,
Thompson and James were appointed a committee to report on the
state of the
Later in the meeting this committee
reported that the pledges were short of debts by $1,713. According to
Professor Mills this deficiency was made up by the sale of the South
Brick House, still standing on the corner opposite the Church. The
purchasers were D. S. Williams, J. J. James, Nat J. Palmer, and J. B.
White, the three first of whom composed the committee appointed by
the Board to suggest a plan for raising the balance of the debt.
Thompson, and Purefoy, and Palmer (perhaps only as counsel in case
of need) were appointed a committee to collect the subscriptions due
and to pay off the debts of the
The collecting committee had good success in their work. Soon
after their appointment they sent Rev. Isaac Merriam as a special
agent to the eastern portion of the State to make collections. There
before November 10, 1849, he collected $2,246.61 on the subscrip-
tions made to the agents, and $15, in cash ; his expenses were $6.91;
he paid on the Berry note $2,242.61, leaving a balance of $12.70
which the Committee returned to Mr. Merriam in part payment of his
At the Commencement of 1850 the Committee was able to report
that the Berry debt was nearly all paid, and at a meeting of the
Proceedings, p. 71. The Executive Committee consisted of Samuel Wait,
J. S. Purefoy, David Justice, Wm. Jones and G. W. Thompson. The Trustees
present and approving were William Hooper, John Kerr, and Hamilton Hester.
The minute reads: "George W. Thompson, J. J. James, and J. S. Purefoy were
appointed a committee to ascertain the amount of the subscription $10,000 pledged,
on the condition that the whole $20,000 is secured." Possibly this means that
$10,000 of the $20,000 was unpledged at the Commencement of 1848. If so, after
the subscription of $5,000 by Wait, Purefoy and the others, only $5,000 would have
been left for the agents to secure during the year.
Proceedings, p. 72 f.
Proceedings, p. 74. Report made at meeting of Executive Committee on Nov.
10, 1849. Of the amount collected $2,020 was on Jordan's subscription book; $154
on that of James; $72.61 on that of Crocker.
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