With subscriptions deemed sufficient to take care of the debt of the
College in hand, and with half of the amount collected, the Trustees,
at their meeting in June, 1850, gave their attention to raising an
endowment for the College.
At several times in the past the question of endowment had been
proposed. At a meeting of the Board on March 10, 1836, a committee
consisting of C. W. Skinner, Alfred Dockery and William Hooper,
was appointed to prepare subscription papers for raising $16,667 to
endow a professorship for the Wake Forest Institute. The matter was
brought before the Baptist State Convention at its meeting the
following November at Country Line Meeting House; the Convention
endorsed the plan and appointed Meredith, Armstrong and McDaniel
a Committee "to take immediate measures to secure the amount of
$17,000 for the purpose of establishing a professorship for
Theological Instruction in this State." The plan agreed upon is
revealed in the Report on Education, written by John Armstrong,
Chairman, and was to ask the Board of Trustees of the Institute to
raise six or seven thousand dollars to add to the legacy of the Blount
estate when available, and thus "establish a professorship of Sacred
Literature, to be called the Blount Professorship."1 At their meeting at
this time, the Board of Trustees appointed a committee consisting of
Skinner, Outlaw and Thompson, to confer with the Committee of the
Convention mentioned above. We hear nothing more of it. Probably
the inaction was due to the condition of the Blount legacy, of which
the College did not come into possession until 1859, at which time the
"Blount Professorship," was either forgotten or disregarded.
The records of the Trustees show that the question of endowment
was again before them in June, 1839, at which time Professors White
and Morse were appointed agents to solicit funds for a professorship.
Nothing further is heard of it. The appointment must have been made
in recognition of the enthusiasm of the young
1 Minutes of the N. C. Baptist Convention for 1836; Proceedings, p. 24.
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