270 History of Wake Forest College
been paid since the last Convention and that he hoped for $2,000
more before June 15. He was urging the subscribers of the western
part of the State to send in their subscriptions by mail, since he should
not be able to visit them.14
At the annual meeting of the Trustees in June, 1851, there is no
record that Purefoy made a report. but he did report to the meeting at
Wilmington in October. He was unanimously asked to continue his
agency and accepted. In the College catalogue for 1851-52, which
came from the press soon after, he is named as general agent.
After this time, however, there is little record of Mr. Purefoy's
activity as agent. At the meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 8,
1852, he was appointed on a committee on the agency along with S. J.
Wheeler, Nathaniel J. Palmer, S. S. Biddle, and J. B. White. It seems
that he had not been engaged in the work for some time; it is almost
certain that he did not work immediately after this time, since in the
Report of the Board of Managers to the Convention of 1852, we find
that he had been compelled by the pressure of his domestic and
business arrangements to suspend operations.
14 Ibid., May 31,
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