Agency of Wingate 279
furnish the State with the trained scientists which it so much
By the "up-country" Wingate seems to have meant the counties of
the Flat River Association, the meeting of which body at Brassfields
on August 12, 1853, he attended, and at which a resolution was
passed most favorably recommending the endowment of the College
to the churches and brethren of the
At this time also
Wingate reported a good prospect of raising $10,000 within a circuit
of thirty miles of the College
He continued his canvass so successfully that he was able to report
to the Board of Trustees meeting in New Bern in October, 1853, at the
time of the meeting of the Baptist State Convention, a total of
subscriptions of $25,000, about half of it since the last
Commencement, and probably the greater part of it within the bounds
of the Raleigh, Flat River and Beulah Associations. On making this
report he was unanimously appointed agent for the ensuing year.
Enthusiasm for the College ran high; a mass meeting on education
was held on the Saturday night of the Convention, in which the claims
of the College were urgently presented and a new interest in the
College awakened. The Trustees held several joyful meetings, a report
of which, as given by a writer who signs his name as "Delegate," is as
But I hasten to notice the meeting of the Board of Trustees; here was collected
much of the strength, and to me much of the interest of the Convention. It so
happened that there were thrown together at this meeting many who had weathered
the storm in the gloomiest days of the College. Upon many of their shoulders had
hung the heaviest weight of that terrible old debt of fearful memory. They sat in
council but too often before with melancholy forebodings of the final issue of their
darling enterprise; with hands folded for they knew not what to do, and with hope
gone for they knew not where to look. But now a great change had come over the
spirit of their dreams; a great interest, it seemed, and grown up within a
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