282 History of Wake Forest College
that a new impetus had been given to the work by "a new and more
available plan of scholarships, lessening the number of years and
increasing the number of students to be sent." Within a short period
$1,300 had been raised in the immediate vicinity of the College. The
sum total of subscriptions was more than $33,000. To this the
Chowan added at this time between four and five thousand dollars,19
after speeches by J. L. Prichard, Q. Trotman and others. The goal was
already in sight, and said Wingate, "Who among us all will not hail
this as the best and brightest epoch in the history of the Baptists of
North Carolina?"20
Returning to Wake Forest for the Commencement on June 8, 1854,
Wingate made a report that greatly pleased and encouraged the
Trustees and other friends of the College. Since the Commencement
of 1853, he had received in cash $2,641.85, and in subscriptions on
endowment $23,830; before June, 1853, he had received subscriptions
amounting to $5,400. Before Wingate assumed the agency in
November, 1852, Elder J. S. Purefoy had secured subscriptions
amounting to $8,000. The total of cash and subscriptions was
$37,230. The committee on the agency reported that there was every
prospect that the fifty thousand dollars contemplated when the
campaign was instituted would be raised during the year.21
At this time Wingate gave notice to the Board that he would quit
the work at the end of the year, the calendar year. With regrets the
committee recommended that the resignation be accepted as offered.
But events ruled that Wingate quit the agency at once. He was elected
Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy and Rhetoric at a
salary of $800; he was elected also president of the College, pro
Thus Wingate's active agency came to an end; he had shown
himself faithful and efficient, and had been successful beyond ex-
pectation; he had won the confidence and love of his brethren and
made friends in every field of his labors, and he had taught them,
19 Ibid., June 1, 1854.
20 Minutes of Chowan Association for 1854.
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