284 History of Wake Forest College
and vigorously prosecuted," says N. J. Palmer, as he closes his
account of Commencement, "and we hope to see the day when even
Brown and Rochester will not surpass Wake Forest in practical
that he with all his votaries had long been banished from the College and its
vicinity, took the precaution to bring him with them, and on that evening they had
been rather prodigal in libations to their divinity."
Tobey has this to say of Wingate: "I have been thinking that the best thing the
Trustees of Wake Forest College can do is to elect Bro. Wingate to the Presidency.
He has good powers of mind and could by diligence and energy prepare himself for
the duties of his station. What say you?"
23 Biblical Recorder, June 15, 1854.
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