Being under the necessity of procuring another agent the Board
chose first Elder John Mitchell, who at that time was a student of the
theological department of Furman University, but failing to secure
him elected for the place Thomas H. Pritchard, who was graduating
that year with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Pritchard was only
twenty-two years of age but was already respected for his ability as a
public speaker, and had won the confidence of all who knew him by
his sturdy Christian character. During the year he was to show his
ability as a writer and controversialist as well as a worthy successor of
Wingate in the work of the agency.
Entering on his work Pritchard in August attended in order the
session of the Flat River Association meeting at Bethel Church in
Person County, and of the Beulah Association meeting at Yancey-
ville, and of the Tar River meeting at Reedy Creek Springs, each of
which took a scholarship on a subscription of $500. Late in
September he was at the meeting of the Union Association at the
Beulah Church in Sampson County, where the record shows he
delivered an eloquent address on education, and succeeded in getting
the complete amount for the scholarship, the list of donors being
published in the Minutes. On September 23-25 Pritchard was at the
meeting of the Raleigh Association, meeting at Johnston Liberty
Church, and secured a scholarship there also. In November he was at
the meeting of the Cape Fear Association and obtained one
scholarship, and left another almost complete. In the following May
he was at the Pamlico Association meeting with the Conoconary
Church, in Halifax County, and at the Chowan Association meeting at
Cashie; this last Association already had two or three scholarships but
agreed to take another for this year and one every year until the
endowment should be complete. Pritchard's report to the Trustees at
the Commencement of 1855 showed that he had served the Board
during the year ten and one-half months,
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