Agency of Pritchard 287
found in the Biblical Recorder for September 14 and 28, 1854. If the
Baptists would unite in the support of Wake Forest they might make it
an institution which would stand along with Brown and Princeton;
Wake Forest College must be endowed as these institutions were
endowed or given regular liberal support. To meet the needs of the
new day the College must have a professor of Chemistry, "that our
youth may become more conversant with that most practical and most
important of all the physical sciences. The age demands the scientific
farmer." It must have a professorship of Geology and Mineralogy,
"that the rich mineral resources of our State may be recognized and
developed by our own citizens, and the emoluments resulting
therefrom shall go to the pockets of North Carolinians." The College
must have a professorship of Civil Engineering, "to meet the pressing
demands of the age, and especially the wants of progressive North
Carolina." Above all young Pritchard thought Wake Forest ought to
have a theological department, that it might give our young preachers
such instruction as they needed to make them able defenders of the
gospel truth and free them of the necessity of going to institutions in
other States, North or South. He had still another reason for wishing
to see the College endowed, and that was, that it might be "an
institution worthy of the forty thousand Baptists of North Carolina-
that it may elevate us to the social position we should occupy-in a
word, that we may have a college worthy of this educational age. We
must have a first rate college."1
Taking up the charge that Wake Forest is all the time begging for
money, Pritchard replies that this is true because the Baptists of the
State had failed to provide for her needs. Let the Baptists do for Wake
Forest what has been done for Chapel Hill and many other institutions
and she "will never again assume the attitude and habiliments of a
beggar, but will lift her modest head among the proudest colleges of
the land." Closing his discussion Pritchard appeals to the
denominational pride of the Baptists of the State,
1 See similar letter in Biblical Recorder of October 24, 1855. In this letter
Pritchard tells of a plan proposed by G. W. Hufham at Union Association which
was for every church to contribute one dollar a member to the college.
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