Agency of Mitchell 293
to Snow Hill and made a subscription list of $3,700; people were
responsive and he was hoping for more from those he had canvassed;
he was intending to make his way into Pitt County, and afterwards to
attend the session of the Chowan Association, which he did. By the
Commencement in June he had secured subscriptions amounting to
$6,000, nearly all of it for endowment rather than for scholarships, the
sale of which except to churches was then ordered discontinued, never
to be resumed.
After the Commencement Mitchell turned his attention to the
counties to the North and West, in the Flat River and Beulah
Associations. By the middle of July he had raised subscriptions for
another thousand dollars in pure endowment, making $7,000 in all. As
there was much interest in the endowment many plans for raising it
were occurring to various friends of the College. One of these was R.
M. McRacken of Columbus County, who was a visitor at the
Commencement of 1856, and was elected at that time a member of
the Board of Trustees. His proposition was that he would be one of
any number who would give fifty dollars a year to the College.
Mitchell and Wingate strongly endorsed the plan, and four others
agreed to be of the number, J. S. Purefoy, W. M. Wingate, and S. B.
Carraway of Lenoir, and probably John Mitchell. It seems to have
gone no further. The correspondence and editorial articles of the
Biblical Recorder of this time, while not extensive, reveal a greater
earnestness than ever before in the purpose to complete the
endowment as soon as
This interest culminated at the meeting of the Convention in
Raleigh, November 5-10, 1856. The Board of Trustees on Friday,
November 7, after hearing the report of Mitchell, appointed a
committee consisting of James S. Purefoy, J. J. James, W. M.
Wingate and John Mitchell to mature a plan for raising an endow-
ment. On Saturday morning the committee presented their plan at a
called meeting of the Board in the hall of the House of Commons in
the Capitol; it was adopted unanimously; fifty thousand dollars should
be raised in subscriptions of not less than one hundred dollars
Editorials of June 19, and July 17, 1856; article of Wingate, July 24; article
signed by "A friend of the College," August 14; and article on "The Immediate
Endowment of Wake Forest College," September 11, 1856.
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