Agency of Mitchell 295
well as a crowd of spectators in the galleries. Like a supressed sub-
terranean fire it needed only an outlet to make itself seen as well as
felt. This was soon granted by two of the brethren becoming respon-
sible for $5,000 each. With a zeal worthy of the great cause, the
brethren then rallied to the support of our beloved College.6 During
the process of raising the pledges much feeling pervaded the Conven-
tion, and on motion it was Resolved, That in view of the liberal spirit
manifested towards Wake Forest as under God, the great blessing of
the denomination in this State, we spend a season in prayer and
thanksgiving to God, for these manifestations of his goodness, and for
his blessings to rest on those brethren and their families who had so
liberally given of their substance for the promotion of the cause of his
Elder W. H. Jordan led the Convention in these Exercises. The
occasion was one of the deepest interest to the members of the
Convention; and surely none who witnessed it can ever forget it or
cease to thank God that they were permitted to witness it.
In bringing his minutes of the Convention to a close, the Secretary,
Elder J. B. Solomon, quotes the Psalmist: "How good and
6 The subscriptions were as follows: Charles W. Skinner, $5,000; Richard Felton,
$5,000; Thos. E. Skniner, $1,000; J. S. Purefoy, $1,000; C. D. Ellis, $1,000; Wm.
M. Wingate raised his former subscriptions to $1,000; T. W. Tobey, in life
insurance policy, in terms understood, $1,000; J. J. James, A. M. Lewis, Job Carver,
R. B. Jones, John Mitchell, Mrs. H. C. Bell, R. McDaniel, $500 each; C. W.
Skinner, Jr., in stock, received by Convention at par, $750; J. Watson, $350; G.
Bradford, $200; H. E. Carr, B. Hallet, A. M. Poindexter, S. H. Cannady, A. P.
Repiton, G. Lewis, R. S. Perry, W. D. Scarborough, James A. Hicks, Laban Carroll,
James McDaniel, E. Dodson, Amos Weaver, Isaac Winston, J. M. C. Brinson, R. H.
Griffith, Mrs. Dr. Wilson, L. B. Horton, Miss M. Powell Dupre, P. F. Pescud, M. H.
Horton, Miss M. P. Brinkley, John W. Powell, John L. Pleasants, J. S. Walthal, T.
C. Teasdale, and Mrs. Felton, $100 each; J. S. Shaw, $25. Total, $23,625.
The sons of Wake Forest subscribed as follows: J. L. Prichard and A. McDowell,
$200 each; Willie Palmer, T. H. Pritchard, W. T. Walters, W. B. Jones, N. A.
Purefoy, E. Dalby, R. P. Jones, W. H. Mitchell, W. P. Solomon, O. M. Matthews,
and C. J. Straughn, $100 each. Total, $1,500 Grand total, $25,125.
Mitchell's statement in the Biblical Recorder of February 12, 1857, that the
amount raised at this Convention was $22,825, a seeming discrepancy of $300, is
probably explained by the fact that Wingate only raised his subscription by $700,
instead of giving at this time a full $1,000. We must regard as only an extravagance
the statement quoted as that of an "eye-witness," in Moore's sketch of C. W.
Skinner, that "in thirty minutes forty-four thousand dollars were pledged, and Wake
Forest was saved and saved forever." Possibly it was based on the fact that in the
evening of the same day $18,750 was raised for the construction of the Raleigh
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