296 History of Wake Forest College
how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." All had
been harmony in the meetings, without a negative vote on any
measure except a relatively unimportant one on which there were two
dissenting votes. He believed the amount raised was almost without a
parallel, considering the number present; that humanity at large and
posterity to the remotest generations would feel the influence of the
meeting; the new impulse given the College justified the feeling that
the labor had not been in vain, "but when we consider all that was
done, we are constrained to thank God and take courage."
The effects of this meeting extended to every section of the State.
Delegates from fourteen Associations were present, and from four
societies and thirty-six churches, and two representatives from the
Western North Carolina Conventon. As these returned home they
carried the spirit of the meeting with them, and each in his own
community imparted to others the enthusiasm for the endowment
which he had caught at the Convention. Mitchell again took the field
as agent. We hear little of the campaign during its progress. In the
Biblical Recorder of December 4, 1856, is a letter from A. M.
(probably A. M. Poindexter) showing the advantages of the plan, and
urging holders of scholarships to surrender them, which would be
equivalent to adding the value of them to the endowment, while at
present they were yielding double interest. At any rate, he thought, the
endowment of fifty thousand dollars would take care of the College
till the expiration of the scholarships, when the College would have a
full hundred thousand dollars of endowment. Mitchell had a similar
letter in the Biblical Recorder of February 12, 1857, but with many
characteristic expressions of gratitude to God, such as his often
repeated, "To God be all the praise." Pursuing his campaign with
great industry by next Commencement he had obtained notes of $100
or more to the amount $9,350, and for sums of less than eleven dollars
to the amount of $685, and in cash $56, making a total when added to
the $22,825 secured at the Convention of $32,916.7
7 At this time the College had invested funds of the endowment and scholarships
previously collected amounting to $16,214.55, and an invested fund (from
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