Agency of Mitchell 297
There still remained to be subscribed something more than seven-
teen thousand dollars. So important did the raising the balance seem
to the Trustees that at their Commencement meeting they appointed
R. B. Jones as an agent to assist Mitchell. Soon both agents and
President Wingate were in the field visiting both those Associations
which had already contributed on the scholarship plan and also other
Associations which had done little or nothing. Tar River contributed
$1,300, Beulah, $5,650, Raleigh and Union unknown amounts,
Yadkin $400, Sandy Creek $700, Flat River $1,400. At all the
Associational meetings enthusiasm ran high. Elder G. M. L. Finch,
reporting the Tar River Association, said that "three years ago a
proposition to raise $500 to purchase a scholarship succeeded with
extreme difficulty; now a proposition to subscribe $2,000 to the
endowment succeeds with ease." The largest donation was that of the
Beulah Association. Rev. T. W. Tobey in reporting it said:
The scene on Monday reminded us of the interesting meeting of the
State Convention in Raleigh when the endowment plan was started.
Brethren J. Mitchell, R. B. Jones, E. Dodson, T. E. Skinner, and S.
Wait, in eloquent and impressive addresses presented to the assembly
the subjects, and then called on those who were present to make some
practical demonstration of their interest in this great enterprise. The
appeal met with a noble response. An aged brother, whose liberality
and interest in the College are well known, headed the list, although
he had on previous occasions given largely to the College. He was
followed by other brethren who were unwilling to let so great a work
go without a personal interest in it. The result we have already stated.
The day will long be remembered by the friends of the College.
Gentlemen who were not members of the church generously came
forward and aided in the undertaking.8
the Merritt estate) for beneficiaries amounting to $2,000. In addition it had notes on
individual scholarships not collected to the amount of $19,564, and a balance
unpaid on Associational scholarships of $3,387.50.
8 Biblical Recorder, August 27, 1857. The minutes of the Beulah Association for
1857 show the following list of subscriptions: W. Russell, $1,000; C. Graves, S.
Moore, J. M. Lindsay, $500 each; George W. Swepson, Azariah Graves, James
Poteat, $333.33, each; W. J. Moore, Stephen Wilkerson, Druary Harris, A. Douglas,
Wm. Lea, Lewis H. Shuck, A. Martin, F. M. Jordan, Philemon Neal, Thomas
Marrish, W. M. Faulker, J. D. Wilkerson, $100 each; Joseph DuPre, A. Howard, H.
Reid, C. W. Cheek, Wm. Slade, T. D. Oldham,
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