298 History of Wake Forest College
The largest contributor was Mr. W. Russell with $1,000; at the
Commencement of 1855 both Mr. Russell of Caswell and Mr. Robert
Lawson of Rockingham brought to the Commencement $1,000 each
as a gift to the
The Baptist State Convention met this year, November 4-9, with the
church at Hertford, in the very heart of the Chowan Association, two
of whose members had subscribed $5,000 each to the endowment,
and whose pastor was T. H. Pritchard, a former agent of the College.
All except $5,000 of the $50,000 contemplated had been raised in
subscriptions of $100 or more. In addition about $2,000 had been
obtained in subscriptions under $100, and in promised donation of
scholarships amounting to $5,500. All was conditioned on completing
the $50,000 scheme. With the interest in the endowment unabated and
at this favorable time and place it was hoped that the endowment
would be completed during the session of the Convention, and this
hope was realized, though many warm and able friends of the College
who were ready to give for the endowment were detained since the
boat which was expected to go on Tuesday left Murfreesboro a day
early and left them stranded on both sides of the stream. Accordingly
they did not arrive at all or too late for the final meeting on the
College endowment which was on Saturday
In the session
several of the ablest men of the Convention had discussed the report
of the Committee, and several subscriptions had been taken. At the
evening session, when the call for subscriptions was made, there were
many hearty responses and the full amount desired was pledged to
make up the $50,000. The remainder of the evening was spent in
devotional Exercises. The following is from the minutes of the
meeting: have abundant reason to rejoice over the completion of this
Many hearts beat with warm emotions of gratitude to God, for the
answer granted to their prayers. The remainder of the evening was
spent in prayer and praise, and thanksgiving to Almighty God for the
consummation of this work. It was a joyous occasion and one long to
be remembered by all present. The friends of the College
Mrs. M. C. Graves, Barzillai Graves, Jesse Slade, $50 each. A subscription of $500
was added by an unnamed brother who was not present.
Biblical Recorder, June 21, 1855.
Letter of Elias Dodson, Biblical Recorder, Nov. 19, 1857.
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