Agency of Mitchell 299
and their rejoicing may be great, that the work has been done in one
year from its inauguration.
The thanks of the body were tendered to those not members of the
Baptist denomination who had contributed, and a committee was
named to prepare an article appreciative of the work on Elder John
Mitchell in raising the
According to the terms of the endowment plan the first of the three
annual installments should be due when notice that the subscription
for the entire fifty thousand dollars was published in two Raleigh
papers, over the names of President of the Trustees, and the President
and Treasurer of the College. This notice appeared in the Biblical
Recorder of December 10, 1857. Mitchell continued in the field to
make collections, until the next Commencement when he
In that day of few banks and the inexperience of many people with
business affairs collections were difficult to make. Elder Elias
Dodson, who had doubtless had much experience in that way, wrote
several letters to the Biblical Recorder giving explicit directions how
to send money by bank
Purefoy also had a similar letter in
the same paper of January 28, 1858. Again, after Mitchell left the
work, on July 22, Mr. Purefoy had a letter suggesting either of two
ways of payment; one by mail with check or bills, and the other by
meeting President Wingate or Treasurer Purefoy or other
representatives of the
This committee consisted of Elders J. L. Prichard, George Bradford, and T. W.
Tobey. Its report is as follows: "The committee appointed to express the high
appreciation of the members of the Convention of the labors of Brother John
Mitchell in endowing Wake Forest College, report that it affords them much
pleasure to say that they consider the speedy accomplishment of this great work in
the short period of one year to have been, under God, in a great measure owing to
the indefatigable labors of Brother Mitchell. That the example set by him of a self-
denial and complete consecration to a noble work of Christian benevolence is
worthy of all the praise. That the thanks of every friend of Wake Forest College are
due to Brother Mitchell for his zealous efforts in behalf of said College."
It may be said that in the first half of 1856 Mr. Guilford Lewis, who in 1847-48
had been a student of the College and who later had been a student of Columbian
College and became a lawyer, located first at Louisburg and then at Raleigh, was
appointed collecting agent and labored in the eastern part of the State. See, Biblical
Recorder, January 17, 1856, and Proceedings, p. 109. He was later a major in the
Confederate Army. He died in 1890.
Biblical Recorder, January 14, 21, and May 6, 1858.
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