Agency of Mitchell 301
$11,719.52; additional to June 1, 1861, $4,616.50; additional to June
1, 1862, $565.22; additional, to October 1, 1863, including several of
the larger subscrptions, $19,893.44; a total of $48,483.88. Some
collections had been made before his book was opened on October 1,
1857, and a balance from the former book of $108.22 is included in
the above amount. In the above amounts are included the proceeds of
the sale of a N. C. State bond in April, 1861, and of a R. & G.
Railroad bond for $1,500 sold January 1, 1863. Probably these bonds
were bought with money collected before October, 1857, and are
properly included here.16
It was said above that not all the benefits of Wait's and Wingate's
canvasses were financial; the same may well be said of the entire
campaign of the agents of the Institute and College for the quarter of
the century, 1834-1858. Beginning within a few months after Wait
had left off his journeys through the State as agent of the Baptist State
Convention the labors of these agents were in many respects a
continuation of the work which he had done in his great campaign. As
such men as Armstrong and Wait and Jordan and Thompson and
McNabb and Wingate and Purefoy and Pritchard and Mitchell went
through the State visiting Associations and churches, in a measure
they made the Baptists realize that they were a common brotherhood
and gave them a sense of unity, which they would not otherwise have
had; they also served as a means of communication among the widely
separated churches they visited, and they aroused an interest in
education in general which doubtless contributed to the establishment
of our many denominational high schools in the last years of their
work. With reference to this Professor Mills, in the article already
quoted, has well said:
"How much of this was due to the crusade for education preached
for ten years in our churches and from house to house by such agents
as J. S. Purefoy, Wm. M. Wingate, T. H. Pritchard, and John Mitchell,
we cannot tell. If we could calculate and measure accurately so subtle
a thing as influence, we should probably find that
16 The names of those who made payments under the fifty thousand dollar plan
are shown in the Treasurer's book, with each name given under date of first
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