302 History of Wake Forest College
the crusade for endowment gave the cause of education a greater
impetus and did more towards calling into existence the schools
mentioned above than any other one thing. Of this we may be sure,
that, notwithstanding nearly all of that endowment was lost in the
terrible convulsions of our Civil War, the beneficial influences of
those efforts remain till this day."
As collection began to be made on the endowment the Trustees
were concerned about proper investments. At their meeting in June,
1858, they instructed the Treasurer, Mr. J. S. Purefoy, to investigate
first mortgages on real estate as an investment; but Mr. Purefoy
preferred securities of the State of North Carolina, and at the next
meeting the Board ordered that the college funds should be invested
in State bonds or other securities of the State. When the Civil War
opened in 1861 investments had been made as follows: North
Carolina State bonds $17,500; one Craven County bond $500; Deep
River and Cape Fear Bonds endorsed by the State $28,000, a total of
Before June 1, 1858
R. H. Griffith, Thos. H. Pritchard, John Mitchell, N. A. Purefoy, E. Dodson, W. S.
Graham, E. Washington, John F. Fort, Isaac Winston, C. J. Egerton, M. J. Hargrove,
Wm. Dunning, T. D. Martin, Samuel Long, Miles Whitehurst, S. F. Overman, Julia
A. E. Gregory, James N. Overton, Jesse Eason, Miles Lamb, Martha Grandy, Mark
Grandy, N. S. Burgess, Martha Etheridge, G. M. Hughs, M. R. Gregory, J. G.
Sawyer, E. E. Ferrebee, W. W. Sanderlin, T. B. Berry, T. J. Etheridge, C. C.
Grandy, Isaac L. Pritchard, W. S. Grandy, W. B. Ferrebee, Margaret Hollowell,
James M. Morgan, J. M. Mullen, Frances Mitchell, A. J. Askew, W. W. Mitchell,
W. B. Dunn, Mark Bennett, C. J. Rogers, Mrs. Delaney High, Richard Wooten, A.
F. Powell, D. F. Williamson, R. M. McRacken, John L. Prichard, Zac Ellis, Joel
Hines, G. J. Moore, Hinton E. Carr, Jones Cook, Elizabeth Pitchford, Harril Harris,
Adolphus G. Jones, W. D. Coppedge, Thos. Wilcox, J. B. Bowers, T. J. Pitchford,
Thos. Brown, Mary E. Powell, William Watson, John Watson, Phil Jenkins, Wm.
Watson, Jr., Henry A. Foote, James A. Egerton, S. D. Bevis, Abner M. Faison, T. T.
Grandy, T. J. Horner, S. H. Cannady, J. M. C. Brinson, J. S. Walthal, J B. Jackson,
G. W. Thompson, T. J. Womack, T. W. Tobey, W. J. Moore, Wm. Lea, Sidney S.
Lea, J. J. Yarboro, George W. Thompson, P. H. Neal, Almon Spencer, M. S.
First Payment paid from June 1, 1858 to June 1, 1859
Jesse Jackson, W. G. Simmons, W. Russell, Azariah Graves, B. B. Perkinson, W.
M. Falkner, E. P. Powell, Joseph F. Cook, Andrew Martin, J. M. Allen, J. M.
Lindsey, Stephen Gilmore, J. L. Pleasants, S. Wilkerson, J. D. Wilkerson, E. Delby,
Levi Thorne, Mrs. A. M. Bridges, John R. Sherran, John W. Powell, W. T. Walters,
Calvin Graves, R. W. Lawson, J. L. Pitchford, G. W.
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