Agency of Mitchell 303
These investments continued as stated until after the meeting of the
Board at Wake Forest, October 31-November 2, 1862, at which were
present Elders J. McDaniel, J. S. Purefoy, R. B. Jones, John Mitchell,
S. Mason, E. Dodson, J. J. James, and Brethren S. S. Biddle and Job
Carver. Biddle, James and Dodson, as a committee, brought in a
report recommending the sale of all college securities and their
reinvestment in bonds of the Confederate States. They supported their
recommendation with the consideration that Confederate bonds bore
eight per cent interest while the securities of the State bore only six
per cent. This recommendation was vigorously opposed by Mr.
Purefoy, who urged that the State of North Carolina was permanent
and probably its bonds would under any vicissitudes of its political
connections retain their value, whereas "the Confederacy was only an
uncertain idea."
Hufham, Hinton E. Carr, Samuel Andrews, A. McDowell, J. P. Montagu, B. F.
Caton, S. O. Tatum, D. A. Covington, G. W. Purefoy, Jas. McDaniel, G. Bradford,
Mary C. Barbee, G. B. Allen, W. D. Scarboro, W. B. Jones, M. Thompson, J. A.
Hecks, J. B. Timberlake, R. S. Perry, Susan W. Graham, E. Washington, John R.
Dunn, Gaston H. Wilder, J. J. James, Joel Hines.
First Payment from June 1, 1859, to June 1, 1860.
J. H. Mills, W. H. Jordan, Jr., J. S. Purefoy, D. A. Harris, David Parker, J. H. Street,
H. C. Bell, James Poteat, G. B. Bowers, A. C. Perry, John H. Nicholson, T. M.
Egerton, William Watson, Jr., W. H. Riddick, T. J. Horner, A. M. Bridges, O. M.
Matthews, F. B. Grandy, R. McDaniel, W. M. Wingate, T. Redfearn, W. Chambers,
R. B. Jones, A. G. Jones, Mrs. M. J. Hargrove, Mrs. Cornelia Wilson, F. M.
Purefoy, F. J. Faison, J. B. Faison, W. W. Fennel, A. Alderman, S. S. Biddle, S. W.
Bright, C. Wooten, J. B. Solomon, G. C. Smith, Ed. Ferrebee, Joseph Watson, A. P.
Williams, Thos. Gilliam, Zack Ellison, Jas. C. Skinner, J. S. Cannon, C. W. Wood,
Joseph Newbold, David Pritchard, Levy Powell, Miles Whitehurst, J. M. Morgan.
June 1, 1860, to June 1, 1861
Martha Etheridge, N. R. Gregory, Job Carver, Jesse Meadows, Miss P. A. Toon,
Levi Thorn, N. M. Norwood, W. Slade, West Graves, G. W. Swepson, J. R. White,
Henry Kivett, C. W. Cheek, Aaron Emerson, Levi Dunson, Dr. T. D. Martin, J. B.
June 1, 1861 to June 1, 1862
E. Hollus, G. R. French, Mrs. Richard Felton.
June, 1862, to January 1, 1863
D. Justice, J. L. Boykin.
January 1, 1863, to October 1, 1863
L. B. Horton, A. Dockery, S. S. Biddle, A. M. Poindexter, J.B Taylor, C. W.
Skinner, Thos. E. Skinner, Richard Felton.
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