Agency of Mitchell 305
Interest on General Endowment, $1,386.91. The grand total invested
in Confederate bonds was $56,167.54.18
These were the figures which Mr. Purefoy, on November 11, 1865,
gave the Trustees in response to their request for a statement of the
bonds and money lost, and also the amount then in the hands of the
Treasurer. Complying with the latter part of the request, Mr. Purefoy
showed on hand Cape Fear and Deep River Bonds, $28,000; Craven
County bond, $500; individual bonds supposed to be $25,000.19
Hereupon the Trustees declared that the thanks of the Board were due
to the Treasurer "for the faithful manner in which he has preserved the
funds of the College during the War."20 And well might they thank
the faithful servant who by his wisdom had preserved a remnant of
the funds for which the agents of the College had labored almost
unintermittently a quarter of a century, and which represented much
sacrifice on the part of the donors. The money thus saved constituted
the sole endowment of the College in its period of greatest need, in
those scant years after the Civil War, and the nucleus of the present
respectable endowment and extends into the present and we hope to
all future time the blessings which the early friends of the College
hoped to see it bestow on the young men of North Carolina, and
through them on all men.21
18 Proceedings, p. 134.
19 With reference to the individual bonds Mr. Purefoy has this note in his
Treasurer's book, p. 70: "March 15, 1884. These individual bonds realized very
little, failure by the War. J. S. P."
20 Trustees present at this meeting were James McDaniel, A. McDowell, John
Mitchell, Thomas E. Skinner, Charles W. Skinner, James S. Purefoy, Samuel Wait,
Job Carver, and W. T. Brooks. Proceedings, p. 133 f.
21 Though Mr. Purefoy's official connection with the College continued much
longer, perhaps here is the best place for the following sketch of him written by Dr.
T. H. Pritchard and published in the minutes of the Baptist State Convention of
North Carolina for 1889, the year of his death:
"Rev. James S. Purefoy was the third son of Rev. John Purefoy, and was born in
Wake County, North Carolina, 1815; was baptized in 1830; began to preach in
1835; and was ordained in 1840. Dr. Samuel Wait, Dr. W. T. Brooks and Rev. P.
W. Dowd constituted the presbytery. For many years this most excellent man did
effective work as pastor of churches in Wake and Granville counties. No man,
living or dead, has done so much for Wake Forest College as this unpretending
brother. More than to any other man the selection and purchase of the farm on
which the College was located is due to his father; and the son, while plowing in the
field, and before he was twenty-one, gave twenty-five dollars to this institution, and
through all its checkered history he has
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