Appendix to Chapter XXI 309
both Dodson and James, given in a footnote, both long associated
with him in a common work. While it is impossible here to give any
complete record of his services of which accounts are scattered in our
records, justice demands that some further statement be made of his
many labors which are now almost forgotten.
Mr. Palmer was long a prominent member of the Baptist State
Convention. His name first appears in the minutes of the Convention
for 1838. In 1844, when he was a delegate from the church at Milton,
he brought the newly established Milton female seminary to the
attention of the Convention and incorporated a statement in regard to
it in the Report on Education, advising the reader that "Further
particulars can be ascertained by addressing N. J. Palmer, Esq., Post
Master, Milton, N. C." At the next meeting of the Convention he was
appointed a member of the Board of Managers, and was also
appointed chairman of the committee to write the report on Home
Missions for the next year. This he did. Among his recommendations
was one that every Association should employ a missionary to travel
in its bounds, as the Beulah, one of the smallest of the Associations,
bad done, its missionary being Rev. Elias Dodson. He also
recommended that the beneficiaries of the Convention at Wake Forest
College should be required to labor several years either in Foreign or
Home Mission fields, since this work would better prepare them for
the work of the ministry, and cause the churches to have more interest
in educating needy young men who were called to preach.
In 1847 Mr. Palmer was elected Recording Secretary of the Con-
vention, a place which he held until his death. As such it was his duty
to prepare the minutes for publication and see them through the press.
Immediately upon Palmer's taking up the work the minutes began to
show a fullness and an orderliness that they had not shown before.
From the first the Minutes of the Convention had been supplemented
by the minutes of the societies meeting with the Convention, but this
was first indicated on the title page in 1850. Beginning with 1852 a
full list of the officers of these societies was given, and in the same
year there was prefixed a short catalogue of Wake Forest College, a
feature which was continued in the minutes for some years, ending in
As Recording Secretary of the Convention Mr. Palmer served the
Board of Managers also in that capacity. As such he gave notice of
the meetings of the Board, in the Biblical Recorder, and prepared the
reports of the Board for the Convention. All of these reports are
interesting and readable, the last that of 1854, prepared shortly be-
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