314 History of Wake Forest College
Supported by Dodson, Palmer asked the Baptist State Convention
of 1848 to recommend the establishment of the Male and Female
Institute at Rockford, a village on the Yadkin River, in that part of
Surry County which in 1850-51 was erected into Yadkin County. To
this request the Convention acceded, but left to its friends the sole
responsibility for its support and management.5 The friends of the
school immediately took action, appointed a Board of.Trustees and
advised that a charter be applied for.6 This school was reported in
operation in October, 1849; after a few years it became a school
exclusively for girls.
A year later, the Cherry Hill Male Academy had been established
near Milton, with John H. Lacy, a former teacher at Trinity Male
Academy, as principal. It was advertised as a "school preparatory to
the admission of its pupils to Wake Forest College or the University
of North Carolina."
Referring to these schools as already in operation, the Board of
Managers of the Baptist State Convention, in its report in 1849,
recommended that as soon as practicable preparatory schools should
be established in every part of the State.7 This recommendation was
repeated in stronger terms in 1852, and was adopted by resolution.8 In
1854, with several academies already established, the Board of
Managers said: "We trust every Association will soon have its school,
whichh will operate as nurseries for the College, and thus be the
means of greatly augmenting the number of its students."9
The trustees of the College first took action on these schools in
June, 1850, when they recommended the establishment of preparatory
classical schools in different parts of the State, advising that
5 Convention Minutes for 1848, pp. 4 and 7.
6 Biblical Recorder, October 28, 1848.
7 Minutes of Convention for 1849, p. 22.
8 The Convention minute read: "Brother Nathaniel J. Palmer submitted the
following resolution: "ResolVed, That each of the Baptist Associations in North
Carolina be and they are hereby respectfully requested to establish Preparatory
Schools to Wake Forest College, and report the same to the Convention. The
resolution was advocated by the mover, Elders Dodson, Barkley, Tobey, Devoir,
Montague, D. S. Williams, and brethren Winston and Lewis, when the Resolution
was unanimously adopted."
9 Convention minutes for 1852, and 1854.
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