Associational Academies 317
the next, so that in 1859 it was found necessary to employ an assist-
ant, Mr. D. E. Patrick, a graduate of the University of North
The Association was much pleased with the work of the
school, and in the report of 1859, declared that it was doing a good
work, but much remained to be done, only a tithe of their labor for
education having been yet performed.
The financial affairs of the school, however, were not entirely
satisfactory; the lease of the building had cost $1,820, apparatus $70,
seats $94, a total of $1,984, nearly all of which was subscribed but
only about $1,400 paid in. Most of this was raised and paid shortly
after, probably the whole amount in the year, as we hear nothing more
of the debt. It appears that Shuck took the school on his own
responsibility-and had as his compensation what the student fees
yielded. In 1862 he engaged as his assistant W. H. Owen, a former
professor in Wake Forest College. He continued here until February,
1863, when his school was suspended on account of the Civil
It seems that the members of the Association had given the school fair
patronage, but there is no evidence that after the first blush of their
enthusiasm had passed away they took any serious interest in it. They
would have been glad to see it succeed but they did not realize its
importance to the development of the Association and the social and
intellectual life of the people it served. After the War the Association
voted to sell the property and give the proceeds to Wake Forest
It was said above that Flat River Association promised its support
of the Beulah Male Academy until such time as it should be able to
establish a school of its own. This it was rather slow in doing. In 1855
hearing of the purpose of the Sandy Creek Association to establish an
academy the Flat River passed a resolution of congratulation. In 1856
adopting a resolution of Mr. J. C. Bumpass the Association appointed
a committee which reported to the Association in 1857,
recommending that the Association have such a school and take
immediate steps for putting it in successful
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