318 History of Wake Forest College
operation. A new committee appointed for this purpose chose a site
near Bethel Church, since known as Bethel Hill, for the location, and
proceeded to have a building erected, "40 by 20 feet, all complete and
in good style." For the support of the school it was recommended that
the stock plan, which had been adopted in the erection of the building,
be adopted, and that shares be $20 each; some had already taken
stock, but as they were too few it was recommended the churches be
asked to subscribe, every church taking one or more shares. In the
short report on Education it was said that the Association
"sympathized with the patronage of Bethel
As teacher the Trustees secured Rev. T. J. Horner, a native of
Orange County, born in 1823; he had not had the advantages of a
college education, but had taught successfully for fifteen years in
various schools in Granville, Person and Wake counties. In 1849 he
had become a member of a Baptist church and in 1854 had been
ordained to the gospel ministry. Since that time he had been
successful in ministerial work and had gained the confidence of the
Under the charge of Mr. Horner the school continued its
work without interruption by the Civil War at least until the latter part
of the year
Even after that time the property seems to have
been preserved for the Association and the denomination. It was again
open for students in the summer of 1866 with Mr. J. E. Jordan as
principal. Later it became the famous Bethel Hill Academy under the
charge of Rev. J. A. Beam and wife.
In the case of this school as of that of the Beulah Association its
supporters seem to have thought they had done all that was required
of them when they had furnished a building and grounds. After that
the whole burden of the support and development of the institution
was left to the principal and the school community.
The Tar River Association as early as 1852 manifested its interest
in the establishment of a school, but though it appointed
Minutes of Flat River Association for 1858.
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in 1863.
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