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date 150 students in the session beginning January, 1858. Elder Elias
Dodson who visited this section in September, 1857, declared that the
school was in a high state of prosperity, and that Foote was just such a
man as ought to be at the head of an institution. Of like character was
the testimonial of Elder R. B. Jones, the preacher at the
Commencement of the school in June, 1858, who reported: "We have
just such a school at Taylorsville as Western Carolina has long
needed." The institutions seemed to be functioning well; its religious
influence was good, and there was a great revival among the students
in the fall of 1857. The commencements also were great occasions,
with two or more preachers and speakers from a distance; there was
music also, when the Taylorsville band for the two days delighted and
charmed the crowds.23
After three or four years the institution seems to have declined in
public favor and in the number of students. The Associations that had
supported it no longer passed resolutions approving it, and as we have
seen the Western Convention no longer mentions it in its minutes.
Probably the principal reason for this was the loss of Foote to the
school. His ability as a classical scholar and his success recommended
him to the Trustees of Wake Forest College, who in June, 1859,
elected him to the chair of Ancient Languages in that institution. That
there was also another reason for the decline of the school is indicated
in a letter in the Biblical Recorder of March 17, 1859, by a writer who
called himself "Timothy." He questions the right of the school to the
Baptist name and says if what he hears is true, "the school at
Taylorsville has a Pedobaptist leak in it." It is, says he, in debt, and
with Baptist institutions, he argues a debt is their undoing. He
concludes: "No wonder Pedobaptists have come to think Baptists can't
have schools or colleges-that they can't educate their own children."
The United Baptist Institute, however, kept its name, and it advertised
its ninth session to begin on January 9, 1860, under the charge of H.
T. Burke, Principal, and W. R. Gwaltney Assistant.24 It also
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24 Ibid., December 15, 1859
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