326 History of Wake Forest College
The Sandy Creek Association, however, composed of churches in
Chatham and the surrounding counties, established excellent schools,
male and female, at Mount Vernon Springs. It was at its meeting in
1854 that the Association took the first steps towards founding the
school, when it instructed the Trustees of the Association to look out
and procure a suitable site for a male and a female school in its
bounds, suggesting that Mount Vernon Springs was a proper place.
The Trustees thus instructed did not delay, and at the meeting of the
Association in 1855 were able to report that they had purchased the
Mount Vernon Springs of Abner B. Marsh and established a twin
school under the name of the Mount Vernon Male and Female
With reference to the site it may be said that the place had been
before called Quaker Springs, Dixon's Springs and Hickory Spring,
and it had been a watering place for many years, being extensively
advertised in the Biblical Recorder and in other papers.
Its waters had been analyzed by Professor Olmsted of the State
University and were thought to have almost miraculous curative
properties, especially for consumptive patients. This fact is mentioned
because it was of great advantage to the school. A few years before
the name had been changed to Mount Vernon Springs, seemingly in
honor of a family of Washingtons, relatives of the first President, who
had built a residence near at hand. The land bought contained several
hundred acres, with gentle hills rising from the Springs toward the
east, on which was established the school for girls, and another
wooded hill rising towards the north on which was located that for the
boys. Being surrounded by a prosperous and industrious farming
community of good character it was an almost ideal place for a
school-"one of the most favorable locations for a flourishing school in
all the
In 1855 additional Trustees were appointed and instructed to get a
charter for the schools. These Trustees issued capital stock to the
amount of fifteen thousand dollars, and sold shares for one hundred
dollars each. While not all the stock was sold, enough was realized in
a few months to pay $5,000 on the purchase price
Elder James McDaniel, Biblical Recorder, October 14, 1858.
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