Associational Academies 327
of the property.28 A sale of lots was made, ten acres being sold and
$1,100 realized at the first sale, on March 6, 1856. This amount
supplemented by proceeds from later sales was used in the erection of
the building for the male academy, which was completed before
January 1, 1857, very substantial and beautiful with accommodations
for 100 young men.29
The balance on the purchase price of the land remained unpaid,
since no more stock could be sold. Possibly, also something was still
due on the buildings and their equipment. The result was that this
institution, like so many others of the Baptists,30 was hampered by
debt. In this case the debt was small, but it proved almost the undoing
of the school. In the summer of 1859 the Trustees appointed a Mr.
White, agent to raise funds to liquidate the debt, but he seems to have
had little success.31
When the Sandy Creek Association met in 1859 there was much
discussion about the affairs of the school. A new Board of Trustees
was appointed to which the old Board were to turn over the
28 Biblical Recorder, October 25, 1855, May 8, 1856.
29 Ibid., May 8, Dec. 4, 1856. Letter of Elder Elias Dodson: "The land was bought
for $5,000. The subscription list is about $4,000. The balance can be raised. Lots
amounting to about ten acres were sold about $1,100. More will be sold shortly. The
money from the sale of lots, however, will not be given for the payment of the land,
but will be appropriated in buildings for the Seminaries. The two schools will be
some distance from each other. Last winter was to be the beginning of the first
session. So inclement was the weather that the schools were not so large as they
would have been. But the Male Seminary has 24 students, and the Female Seminary
20. The location is about 17 miles west of Pittsboro. I have great hopes for the
prosperity of these schools. 1st. Because the location is healthy and good. 2nd.
Because 20 men signed the bond of $5,000." See also adv. Biblical Recorder,
December 4, 1856. August 18, 1857.
30 Letter of "Timothy" in Biblical Recorder, March 17, 1859: "Where shall I
begin? Well there is Oxford Female College; after struggling for years under debt it
was sold for several thousand dollars less than the debt remaining on it. It happened
that a Baptist man bought it, else it might have gone into the hands of Pedobaptists.
Chowan Female College has been for years in debt. Will Baptists get it out of debt,
or must it be sold? Look at Chesapeake Female College [now Hampton Institute] up
for a debt of forty thousand! Will Baptists build such an establishment for other
denominations? I see that Warsaw High School is in debt. Will the Baptists in
Sampson and adjoining counties let it be sold? Are the schools at Mount Vernon out
of debt? The United Baptist Institute, at Taylorsville, is in debt!"
31 Biblical Recorder, June 9, 1859.
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