Associational Academies 329
Captain Siler, and later under O. T. Edwards and R. P. Johnson, the
school was equal to any other Academy in the State.
The Raleigh Association was one of the first to respond to the
request of the Board of Trustees of the College that the Association
establish schools. In 1851 it appointed a committee to receive
propositions from "the neighborhood of any church for its location,
the amount it will subscribe to erect buildings, said buildings to be the
property of this Association, and report at the next meeting of the
Association." At the next Association the committee reported that
they had obtained a suitable site and a subscription amounting to
$1,250 from the neighborhood of Holly Spring Church. A Board of
twenty-five Trustees was appointed which was ordered to "proceed
with the school forthwith." They secured the new site, fifteen acres, at
one dollar and fifty cents an acre, and on it erected a building fifty by
thirty feet, single story, at a cost exclusive of painting and stove of
Being ordered by the Association to proceed with the school the
Trustees had not waited for the completion of the building, but had
rented a room in the Masonic Lodge for $25 a year, employed Mr. M.
Y. Chappell as teacher, and put the school in operation on January 10,
The Committee agreed with the teacher for a fixed salary, $350 a
year. In its first session it had twenty-five students. What were the
qualifications of Mr. Chappell is not evident but he was not successful
in attracting students. In the session beginning January, 1854, the
school had only ten scholars, and according to a report of the Trustees
to the Association of that year, it had still fewer students the second
session, which began in July, 1854. Accordingly, on August 11, on
the order of the Trustees, it was closed.
The closing of the school, however, was only for the remainder of
the year. With the beginning of the year 1855 it was reopened
Ibid., January 14, 1853. The Association Report says on the third Monday in
January, the Advertisement on the second
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