Associational Academies 331
the Trustees struck back by passing by Wake Forest men in securing a
head master for the school.
The Union Association, whose churches were located for the most
part in the counties of New Hanover (and Pender), Duplin, and
Sampson, with a few in other counties, was early to respond to the
appeal to the Associations to establish a school preparatory to Wake
Forest. Its first committee on the matter was appointed at its session in
1853. This committee found that there was demand for a school. On
its recommendation the Association appointed a large committee to
meet at Warsaw on October 31, 1854, for the purpose of locating the
school or schools if the committee should decide for more schools
than one.
This committee met as directed and had several more meetings
during the year. At the next meeting of the Association it reported that
receiving a pledge of $2,300 from the citizens of Warsaw it had
located the school there; had purchased a tract of 14 acres of land of
W. L. Hill for $362.50, and had received for lots sold about $1,050;
had appointed a building committee which had contracted for the
building "of a house, front building 46 by 34 feet and a rear wing 30
by 24 feet, to be two stories high, to be finished in good style with a
tin roof, for the sum of $5,000, all complete except seats and desks."
The building was to be finished by January 1, 1856. The committee
had secured about $3,500 and would need $1,500 for seats and other
At the meeting of the Association in 1856, the Board of Trustees
which the Association had appointed to take charge of the school,
reported that it all was ready for the opening but that the Association
was not supporting the school financially; that on former
subscriptions $1,500 had been paid, and $500 was still due; that three
thousand dollars additional was needed at once to prevent the suit
against the Trustees for the amount at the term of the Duplin County
court in the following October, and the consequent sale of the
property, leaving the Trustees to pay any amount of the debt not
realized from the sale. The committee further re-
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