Associational Academies 333
be made up by the
After rejecting some unexplained
plan as impractical, probably a proposition to sell the property, a
committee on the school reported that the one thing to do was to raise
the money and pay the debt. Adopting this suggestion the Association
appointed Rev. G. W. Wallace agent "to raise the money." He had
but when the Association met in 1859 the sum of
$800 was still due. Again those who had so often contributed to the
institution were forced to come forward and contribute, which at first
they hesitated to do, but since there seemed no other way to save the
school property from public sale they made up the amount, and thus
finally liquidated the entire
Such a task it was to found a
Baptist Associational Academy.
The Warsaw Academy began operations on September 20, 1856. At
first, in spite of the strong protest of a writer in the Biblical Recorder
of September 11, 1856, only males were admitted, but after a few
years both sexes were in attendance. The first teachers were Solomon
J. Faison, and Robert H. Drysdale. Faison had graduated from the
University of North Carolina in 1846 with the degree of Bachelor of
Arts; Drysdale was described as "Fellow of the Glasgow Chemical
Society, and late Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the Andersonian
In the advertisement of the
it was said that
Drysdale had been secured at considerable expense, for the Trustees
were aware of the need and value of instruction in Agricultural
Chemistry; announcement was also made that Professor Drysdale
would continue to examine soils and
Minutes for 1858: "Shall he [Mr. Faison] lose this? Shall the Trustees have the
burden to bear alone and unaided, while they have been acting as agents in response
to the oft-repeated instructions of the Association?… Surely the Association is not
prepared for the humiliating spectacle of seeing such a noble enterprise, and one
commenced by themselves, prove a failure. Yet such must be the result unless some
prompt action is taken by them."
Mr. J. T. Alderman in his Centennial Sketch of the Association, printed in the
minutes of the Eastern Association for 1927, says that $900 was raised during the
Minutes of the Association for 1858 and Biblical Recorder, October 13, 1859.
Doubtless Anderson's University of Glasgow, an institution which has survived
to this day.
Biblical Recorder, October 23, 1856, and after.
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