Associational Academies 339
With reference to the first it was said: "The course of study in the
Collegiate department is as thorough as that of any Institution in the
State." At the meeting of the Association in 1856 attention was called
to this violation of the will of the Association. In a report signed by
Delke as Chairman, but which in all probability did- not represent his
views,50 attention was called to the inexpediency of the recent action
of the Board of Trustees in trying to convert the school into a college,
and declared that it might accomplish much good as a preparatory
school, but not as a college; the report ended by recommending that
the institution continue its operations "under the name and style of
Chowan Reynoldson Seminary."
This amended report, though adopted by the Association, was not
regarded by those in charge of the school; they continued to pursue
their purpose to make the school a college. When the Association met
in its next annual session, May 12-15, 1857, a resolution was offered
from the floor sharply rebuking the conduct of the school and
declaring that the Association would withdraw support unless the
institution was kept to its original purpose as a high school.51
50 The Association refused to accept the first report of the committee but
recommitted it to the committee increased by four members, who were a clear
majority over the original committee of three, two of whom at least, Delke and
Howell, were from the vicinity of the school and the other, Worrell, was from
Gatesville. This will explain why Delke's name is to a report different from the one
he approved.
51 The resolution reads, "Resolved, That we still deprecate (as at our last session)
any change of name or object contemplated originally in the establishment of the
Chowan-Reynoldson Seminary, as we desire to act in concert with, and auxiliary to
Wake Forest College. Resolved further, That if said school should be changed into a
college, every object originally contemplated by our Association having been
disappointed, and our wishes set at naught, we can have no longer any connection
with this institution and so announce to all interested.
"We have learned from a reliable source that there is a plan now on foot to
convert this institution into a College, and that steps have already been taken to
secure funds for the erection of more commodious buildings on the premises at
present occupied.
"This movement we regard as not only premature and unfortunate, but as actually
suicidal. We already have a male College in North Carolina that needs and requires
all the patronage and aid the members of the denomination are able to give it. The
brethren of the Chowan Association have already greatly exerted themselves in
behalf of the Female Institute at Murfreesboro, which is
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