0, Alma Mater, 'tis thy name
That lights our path to glory,
We'll ever spread thy matchless fame
In word and song and story.
So sound her name through all the land,
Let triumphs ring on every hand,
Let praises all our hearts command;
Hail, hail to thee, Wake Forest!
And with true hearts we greet the hour
That calls us to our duty,
We trust our Alma Mater's power
To round our lives with beauty.
And all the while our hearts are free,
Our souls are full of jollity,
And singing in their joy and glee,
Hail, hail to thee, Wake Forest!
Her sturdy sons from far and near
Look back to Alma Mater;
With many a prayer, with ne'er a fear
They bless their dear Wake Forest;
And as they rise from height to height,
And stand as victors in the fight,
They sing the mother of their might
Hail, hail to thee, Wake Forest !
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