346 History of Wake Forest College
signed his name on the college
The greater number of students
of that semester, or session, as the half-year was called for many
years, registered February 6 to 11. The number for that session was
sixty-two. Of these four were seniors, six juniors, five sophomores,
three "Partial"-in all eighteen collegiate students, there being no
freshmen. The remaining forty-two students were classed as
academical, twelve in the English group, and thirty in the classical.
In those days the Trustees exercised a closer control of the
institution than they do now, and they made rather detailed
regulations defining the duties of the faculty, and the obligations and
privileges of students, and the general conduct of the
The faculty consisted of the President, the Professors, and the
Tutors, and was vested with the executive control of the College.
They were directed to exercise a parental authority, to treat the
students with mildness and decision, and to seek to govern them by
applying the more honorable and generous motives; if these should
fail, to bring other severer punishment to bear-"private reproof, public
admonition, putting on probation with notice that a more severe
punishment will follow another offence, suspension, dismission and
In a large blank book, which I shall hereafter designate "Blank Book A," is
contained a full list of the students of the institution from its opening in 1834 until
the close of the session of 1857-58, arranged, beginning with February 2, 1839, by
years and dates of registration. For the years 1834-36 under the names arranged by
years is set down the amount earned in manual labor by each student. These tables
seem to have been copied from a blotter book made during the residence of the
students. For 1837 and 1838 the list is copied seriatim all in one hand. For the
remaining years the names are also copied in two or three hands each covering a
continuous period of years. The pages are numbered from 100 on, the list of
students closing with page 155. On pages 501 ff, is a list of Alumni, with some
errors which were copied in the General Catalogue. On the second fly leaf is the
"Latin for Commencement," beginning, "Notum sit quad ego Praeses." The book
also contains on two early unnumbered pages an "Exhibit of the Financial Affairs of
W. F. Institute," from 1834 to December 30, 1836, signed by David Thompson and
A. J. Battle, Com.
Charter and Laws.
Ibid., the following rule regards a separate class of students: "Any student who
may betray a degree of depravity in his disposition and habits, that shall be judged
dangerous to his associates, may be immediately sent from the Institution."
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