348 History of Wake Forest College
ber has two absences and another three which are excused, but this
class has the black sheep of the year who accumulated a total of
twenty-six absences, eight from prayers and eighteen from recitations,
of which three from prayers and twelve from recitations were
unexcused-the only unexcused absences of which there is record that
At their meeting on December 18, 1838, the Trustees ordered that
the college year should begin the first Monday in August, and close
with the annual Commencement on the third Thursday in June. The
year was divided into two sessions, now called semesters, the first
beginning the first Monday in August and ending on the third
Thursday in December, the second beginning on the second Monday
in January of each year, and closing the third Thursday in June, giving
vacations of forty-six to fifty-three days in the summer and eighteen
to twenty-five days in the winter, nine or ten weeks in all. This
calendar was modified beginning with the second session of the year
1844-45, so that the first session began the fourth Monday in July and
ended with the second Friday in December, and the second session
began the third Monday in January and ended with the
Commencement on the second Thursday in June, with summer
vacations thirty-nine to forty-six days, and winter vacations of thirty-
one days, ten or eleven weeks for the year. As thus modified the
calendar was not changed during the period, except that the
Commencement of 1861 was on May 28, and there was no
Commencement in 1862, although degrees were conferred.l0
9 These facts are copied from a large record book of the College with individual
records of all students from 1889 to and including the year 1866-67. This book also
contains the minutes of the faculty meetings, February to August, 1839.
It may be said that the College has records of all students from 1839 to date
except for a four year period, 1868-72, duly recorded at first in books kept for that
purpose, and on cards in the more recent years. The records of the other years are
scattered here and there in other books. Perhaps no other institution in the State has
student records for so many years.
10 Proceedings, pp. 33, 62, and the catalogues of the College for 1839, 1839-40,
1849-50, and after. A request of the students for a "continuous session of nine
months and a vacation of three months," made June 6, 1854, was not approved by
the Trustees. Ibid, p. 96. On June 11, 1856, the Trustees ordered that the
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