College Begins 349
On opening the institution as a college the Trustees provided that
the fees for the session of five months, should be in the collegiate
department $45.00 a year; in the academical department $35.00, and
in the English $25.00. By 1848-49 no distinction was made in the two
preparatory departments and all students in the department were
charged a uniform fee of $17.50 a session. On June 16, 1856, these
fees were increased to $25.00 a session in the collegiate department
and $20.00 in the preparatory department; with the discontinuation of
all preparatory work, the statement of fees in the preparatory
department was dropped in the catalogue of 1859-60. The other
annual charges in the catalogues for 1839-40 were as follows: room
rent $2.00, bed and bedding $4.00, wood $2.00, deposits for repairs
and other expenses $4.00; but it was stated that it was preferred that
students furnish their own bedding and firewood, in which case these
charges were not made. It seems that this plan suited the students
better, and soon the only fees listed were for tuition, room rent of
$1.00 a session, and deposit for incidental expenses $2.00 a session.11
Through these years the price of good board and washing was
stated to be $8.00 a month, and the total necessary expenses for the
year were $131.00 to $137.00 in the College and $121.00 to $127.00
in the preparatory department.12 The catalogue of 1854-55 shows an
added fee for servants hire of $2.50, while the price of board and
washing is stated to be $9.00 to $10.00 a month, and the total cost of
the year in the two departments is given as $146.00 to $156.00
respectively. In the catalogues of 1856-57 to 1859-60 the price of
board is named as $9.00 if paid
vacation periods be six weeks for the summer and four weeks for the winter, but
they repealed this order on the seventh of the following November, on a petition of
the faculty, leaving the vacations as before. Ibid., pp. 108, 110.
11 The following notes were added: "Other expenses, for furniture of rooms,
clothing etc., will of course vary with the habits and circumstances of the students.
As most of the students occupy rooms in the College Building, and furnish
them, it is desirable for them to bring from home towels, bed furniture, and if
convenient, a bed or mattress.
12 Catalogue of 1848-49.
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