350 History of Wake Forest College
in advance, and of washing $1.00 a
One of the items for
which charges were made was servant's hire. The service rendered
was for the care of rooms, bringing in wood and water, and such
necessary things, but was not intended to include the blacking of
shoes, as it seems some of the students
As has been stated elsewhere in the early years ministers were
charged with tuition fees. So were the sons of ministers and all others.
A rare exception was the son of William Jones, a graduate of the class
of 1839, of whose useful though brief life an account has been given
In June, 1849, the Trustees agreed that Jones's sons be
allowed tuition from session to session, if the means or income of the
College should allow, but when one of these sons, Rufus P. Jones,
was graduating in 1854, the Trustees reminded him that the action of
the Board was only an indulgence to his father, and asked him to pay
It had been the purpose all along of the Trustees to give
free tuition to ministers as soon as the means of College would permit
but it was not
In this period the University of North Carolina, as shown in the Catalogue of
1851-52, had the following calendar: "The collegiate year is divided into two
Terms: the one commencing six weeks after the first Thursday in June; the other,
six weeks after the Friday succeeding the fourth Friday in November."
The table of annual expenses of the University of North Carolina for 1853 shows
tuition $50, room rent $2, servant hire $5, deposit $4, wood $4 to $5, candles $4 to
$5, board 40 weeks, $8 to $10 a month-$74 to $92, bed and washing $15 to $22,
making a total of $158 to $185. The catalogue of this year and several succeeding
years carry the statement, that the faculty approve the statement made in a circular
of April 15, 1837, that "exclusive of clothing ordinarily obtained from home more
than $250 per annum is not necessary to either the comfort or convenience of any
young man while at this institution." The decade of 1850-60 was one of rising
prices, and in the catalogue of 1857-58 the board is put at $100 to $140 and bed and
washing at $20 to $24, wood at $5 to $10, and lights to $5 to $6, and the total cost
for the year of the listed items $201 to $251. The faculty now estimated that the
total cost for the year need not exceed $325.
116, June 10, 1858.
In June, 1843, the Board ordered that any Baptist minister be allowed to send a
son to the College without charge for tuition, and that any Licentiate be allowed to
attend under such regulations as the faculty may adopt. This order was repealed in
June, 1844, Ibid., 59 f.
p. 100, June 8, 1854.
Ibid., p. 84, October 17, 1851: "On motion of James S. Purefoy, Resolved, That
when funds are raised sufficient to endow one or more Professorships at the
College, all Baptist ministers either licensed or ordained, and coming well
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