Curriculum 361
Spring Term
Memorabilia. Plato's Crito.
Epodes of Horace. Prosody. Livy.
Geometry (Loomis).
Fall Term
Trigonometry (Loomis). Homer. Satires and Epistles of Horace
Tacitus. Art of Poetry.
Spring Term
Herodotus and Thucydides. Mechanics and Analytic Gometry.
Juvenal. Persius. Natural Philosophy.
Fall Term
Demosthenes on the Crown. Logic (Whately). French. Lat. Prose
Composition. Chemistry. Descriptive Geometry. Calculus.
Spring Term
Rhetoric (Whateley). German. Political Economy (Wayland).
Astronomy. Aeschylus. Greek Literature. Cicero de Oratore
Fall Term
Physiology. Roman Literature. Civil Engineering. Moral Science.
(Dagg). Butler’s Analogy
Spring Term
History of Greece. Cicero de Officiis. Mental Philosophy (Way-
land). Geology. Federal Constitution.
Practically the same course of studies was prescribed for the same
year at the University of North Carolina. In that institution, however,
in the Senior year "Studies in the Scientific School" might be
substituted for Greek, Latin and Constitutional Law.
From the beginning each student was required to have three daily
recitations, "one occurring before breakfast, another at noon, and the
third in the afternoon."15 The purpose of this
15 Catalogue of 1859-60, 30.
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