Curriculum 369
equip himself for it. It may be said that he was soon doing the work as
well as it could be done without laboratories and by one with his
multifarious duties, but the course in Chemistry remained until the
Civil War and so long as Simmons conducted it a textbook and
lecture course, and cultural rather than practical. In the catalogue of
1859-60 Professor Simmons' department is headed "Natural Science,"
and is said to include Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Physiology, and
Geology. Professor Simmons was also the head of the department of
the "Constitution of the United States."
With reference further to scientific subjects in the curriculum, in the
department of Mathematics instruction was given in Civil
Engineering and in Astronomy.
It is worthy of note that there was some disposition among the
friends of the College to establish a school of medicine in connection
with the College. In the Biblical Recorder of September 29, 1849, is
found a communication over the name "Chapman," in which the
arguments for the establishment of such a school are well stated:
many thousands of dollars are taken out of the State every year by
students in medical colleges which might very well be kept at home
and support a faculty whose ability would reflect credit on any
institution of the kind. Again, with such a corps of trained physicians
it would not be necessary for our citizens to go out of the State for
medical treatment, and in this way again great savings might be
effected. We are too much in the habit of becoming tributary to the
North, a thing we can no longer afford since the fertility of our lands
is being exhausted. The charter of Wake Forest possibly conveys the
right to establish such a school, but if not, it can be amended for the
purpose. Schools in other States, as Hampden Sidney College in
Virginia, are successfully operating medical schools. The city of
Raleigh is a suitable place for such a school and its citizens would
encourage its establishment there; it is near the College and with the
facilities offered by the railroads anatomical ma-
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