Curriculum 377
course, by the slave-holding South-but he would have them know that
he was born free and could not be made a slave. This was on June 7,
1856, so that news of it was fresh at Wake Forest four days later.
Accordingly, it should occasion no surprise that a group of able and
intelligent men, men with their minds already wrought up by the
political campaign then in progress and by the stories coming every
week of the troubles over slavery in Kansas, should not have hesitated
in barring Wayland's book from the
His Political Economy
was still used in its classes and after a few years his Moral Science
was again listed as a book used in Dr. Wingate's class in Moral
Philosophy, probably for
Some members of the Board of Trustees had some words with one
another about the matter a year later, which they kept up, running to
many columns, for several weeks, in the Biblical Recorder. Rev. W.
H. Jordan, starting to write some "Commendatory Notes" on
Wayland's Notes on the Principles and Practices of the Baptist
Churches, wrote instead two long columns on slavery, and in the
beginning spoke of his "regret that Trustees of Wake Forest College
thought it necessary to displace his Moral Science as a textbook in the
College." He thought no book could be found to take its place, and
believed that whatever the purity of purpose of the Trustees, it would
"be impossible to escape the suspicion of having acted from a puerile
and ignoble, not to say an unchristian
This article
immediately drew the fire of T. J. Pitchford of Warrenton, and S. S.
Biddle of New Bern, two members of the Board, who were offended
by Jordan's characterization of the action of the Trustees and by his
views on slavery. Then followed other articles with Jordan's views
assailed by James and another member or two of the Board in
Wayland's book was also banished from the classrooms of some other colleges.
On July 8, 1857, the Trustees of Mississippi College requested the Faculty of the
College to discontinue its use and declared that Dr. Wayland's "sentiments avowed
in his recent petition to the Legislature of Rhode Island show him to be an unfit
teacher of the youth of the country." Biblical Recorder.
Catalogue for 1859-60, p. 21 f.
Biblical Recorder, April 30, 1857.
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